Example Stimuli from Experiments on Inharmonic Speech Segregation

These pages contain example stimuli from the paper "Inharmonic speech reveals the role of harmonicity in the cocktail party problem" by Popham, Boebinger, Ellis, Kawahara, and McDermott (2018, Nature Communications).

Quicktime must be installed for the sounds to play. Headphones are recommended.

**Please note - sound files make take a few seconds to load. If not all sounds load, please try refreshing the page.**

Experiment 1 - Harmonic Mistuning

Not Mistuned Mistuned 0.5% Mistuned 2% Mistuned 6% Mistuned 20%

Experiment 2 - Concurrent Words

Harmonic Inharmonic 10% Inharmonic 20% Inharmonic 30% Inharmonic 50%
Single Word ("ruffles"):
Word Pair ("ruffles" + "nothing"):

Experiment 3 - Speech in Noise

Harmonic Inharmonic
Quiet ("however"):
SSN ("however" + SSN):
Babble ("however" + babble):

Experiment 4 - Noise Excitation

NOTE: These are examples from the version that is not difficulty-equated across speech conditions. This is so it is easier to hear the differences between conditions by hearing the same word spoken for all speech types. In the difficulty-equated experiment this is not possible because the 3 conditions had different sets of words.

Harmonic Inharmonic Whispered
Single Word ("overriding"):
Word Pair ("overriding" + "useful"):

Experiment 5 - Concurrent Sentences

Harmonic Inharmonic Whispered
Single Sentence:
Sentence Pair:

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