Software Downloads Stimulus Downloads
ThreeDWorld: A Platform for Interactive Multi-Modal Physical Simulation
Everyday Environmental Impulse Responses
(real-world environmental impulse responses described in our 2016 PNAS paper)
TensorFlow Integration with mcdermottlab/pycochleagram
Sound Textures
(original sound textures used in our 2011 Neuron paper)
Model-Matched Sound Synthesis
    (implements model-matched sound synthesis procedure used in our 2018 PLOS Biology paper)
Natural Sounds Stimulus Set
(165 natural sounds, each 2-seconds in duration, used in our 2015 Neuron paper)
Inharmonic Speech Synthesis
    (generates inharmonic speech used in our 2018 Nature Communications paper)
Attentive Tracking Stimulus Generation Code
(generates pairs of synthetic voices as used in our 2015 Current Biology paper)

Task-Optimized Neural Network
    (parameters for the neural network used in our 2018 Neuron paper)
Pitch Localizer Stimuli for fMRI
    (as used in our 2013 Journal of Neuroscience paper)
Headphone Check
    (in-browser headphone screening task described in our 2017 Attention, Perception & Psychophysics paper)
Sound Quilting Toolbox
    (implementing the sound quilting algorithm used in our 2015 Nature Neuroscience paper)
Sound Texture Synthesis Toolbox
    (implementing synthesis algorithm from our 2011 Neuron paper - please see the enclosed README file for instructions on use)
Gaussian Sound Synthesis Toolbox
    (generates sounds by sampling spectrograms from a multivariate Gaussian distribution, as in our 2011 PNAS paper)
Cochleagram Generation in Python
    (sections ported from the Sound Texture Synthesis Toolbox)

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