Our lab supports and encourages scientific outreach efforts to engage with public audiences, generate interest in scientific education, and promote diversity and inclusion in science. Below are a few examples of outreach efforts our lab members have been involved with. We can't always guarantee somebody is available, but if you are looking for a speaker for your classroom or outreach event, please contact .

Postdoctoral researcher Richard McWalter demonstrating auditory and visual illusions at the Association for Research in Otolaryngology MidWinter Meeting
Graduate student Dana Boebinger discussing music and the brain at the Association for Research in Otolaryngology MidWinter Meeting, as part of a public outreach event in collaboration with a local women's choir.
Graduate student Maddie Cusimano demonstrating the structure of sound at the Museum of Science Health Fair
Graduate student Dana Boebinger speaking to a class of middle school students through the Skype a Scientist program
Graduate student Malinda McPherson discusses her fieldwork and research for McGovern Institute News
Graduate student Dana Boebinger giving a tour of The Beautiful Brain exhibit at the MIT Museum
Graduate student Jarrod Hicks showing some muscle (action potentials) at the March for Science
Graduate student Dana Boebinger telling a story about her journey from music therapy to neuroscience at a live Story Collider event

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